Commercial Due Diligence for Nursery Chain in the UK




A UK PE firm was exploring an investment in a nursery chain with ambitious growth plans. An Education Consultancy contracted KSA Strategy to evaluate whether the target company could hit its scalability targets.


Our team worked with the client’s team to assess the growth potential of the nursery chain, which would take place both through new builds and M&A. More specifically, our team:

  • Conducted interviews with the Management of the target company and analysed internal data to understand the company’s growth plan, processes, and operating model

  • Identified and mapped the key resources and capabilities of the target company, with the aim to determine the elements that would be most complex and critical for its expansion

  • Developed a unique scalability framework to evaluate if the company’s processes, policies, governance, and organisational structure were adequate to maintain its distinctive offering at scale

  • Engaged with experts with operational experience in nursery chains to assess the different elements of the framework

  • Provided an accurate picture of the current situation and recommendations around the areas that needed to be adapted for the company to hit its expansion targets