Development of a Capacity Model for an Urgent Treatment Centre




A large hospital in the UK was planning to build an Urgent Treatment Centre near the Emergency Department. The hospital’s leadership wanted to understand the ideal capacity of the new facility, how many rooms would be needed and what size each room should be.


Our team worked with an established Healthcare Consultancy in the UK and used a quantitative approach to answer the critical questions around the capacity of the new facility:

  • We collected data on patient admissions in the neighbouring EC and other UTCs, to use them as a basis for our projections

  • We conducted interviews and workshops with hospital stakeholders to get their inputs on a) the needs that the new facility should address and b) key parameters of hospital operations we had to consider

  • We developed a model that projected the admissions for the next 10 years and, based on these, the required capacity, and types of rooms for the new UTC

  • We iterated our analysis based on additional feedback from stakeholders until receiving the final sign-off