Due Diligence for a group of International schools in Mexico




KSA Strategy worked with an Education Consultancy in the UK on a CDD for a group of international schools in Mexico. We assessed the dynamics of the private school market in Mexico and analysed the performance of the target company.


We developed a comprehensive view of the school market, the competitive landscape and the commercial performance of the specific group of schools. More specifically, our team:

  • Performed market research to understand key demographic and socioeconomic trends in specific areas in Mexico

  • Identified the main competitors, their strengths and weaknesses relative to the target

  • Analysed parent survey data to understand the parent views on a set of competitive schools, their selection criteria and which value proposition was most attractive to them

  • Analysed company data, including P&L, past and present enrolment, teacher-to-student ratio etc., to assess the past performance of the group and to conclude on the feasibility of their 5-year Business Plan